No. 0382 - "Not the Future"

The tiny storage unit filled with the roar of the four men's laughter.


Julian caught his breath and began his closing statement, “ So the only two questions left to ask are the following; Are you happy? And do you have any dance left in your tired...”


Julian never finished that sentence, and it's been a hotly debated topic among the 6th St. Squares, the investigators assigned to the incident as well several opportunistic media hosts as to how Julian’s “magnum opus” was going to wrap up. Julian’s penchant for recording his impromptu brutal and yet poetic dissertations on the plight of humanity while belittling his victims with incredible personal detail and pop culture references revealed not only his delight in public speaking but also his increased mastery of the skill. With the volumes of his work on hand, many have disgustingly self published their own release of turbulence as his “last words”. Whatever he would have said, it would have been without a doubt wickedly hilarious and sprinkled with violent foreboding.


But Julian’s trademark grandstanding over the victim gave the aging woman a couple of seconds. Of which she chose to use to extract two of Julian’s teeth, and place them in a gold velvet pouch in addition to depositing several rounds from a previously unseen firearm into his chest cavity, while reciting a passage from a little known book titled "Time and Half a Time"; “Happiness? Happiness is a moving target because of the wandering nature and ever increasing appetite of the soul. And dancing? Well, dancing is a feeble attempt to replicate the movement of the wind. And though a marksmen, I’m neither happy nor dancing.”

I would like to point out here that there has not been any agreement as to how the elder lady so quickly used her weapons without signaling her actions to the unkillable Julian “The Ghost” Schillings. It’s all a complete mystery. As is the reason for her next actions.

jw martin